How does Golding explore conflict in the novel through the characters of Jack and Ralph? Please could you help me with this essay as it is very important. Thanks a lot :) I need help with the planning and the actual essay. Please put a lot of detail.

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When planning this essay on conflict in Lord of the Flies, find three main points about Golding exploring conflict through his two characters, Jack and Ralph.  At the beginning, Ralph is elected the leader of the group, and the group sets up rules to live as civilized beings which they have been.  However, Jack goes against Ralph and takes his hunters which sets the two groups into physical conflict. This paragraph needs to show how one group hunts or fights the other physically. Your second paragraph may show Golding exploring the moral conflict of the descent into savagery while Ralph and his group try to maintain the rules of civilized beings.  Use examples like the thinking Ralph does about how to escape the hunters and return alive from the island.  The third paragraph would explain the last main idea about the conflict of Jack's  hunt to kill Ralph just as the naval officer arrives from the outside world and rescues Ralph.  Now both boys must figure out how to return to being civilized in the "real world".  Your introductory paragraph should paraphrase the question and introduce your three main points.  Your conclusion paragraph should summarize Golding's exploration of conflict using Jack and Ralph while your three main points should prove what you believe Golding's novel accomplished with conflict.

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