How does globalization impact the role of the United States on the global and political stage, according to The World Is Flat?

In The World Is Flat, Thomas L. Friedman explains that globalization will require the United States to fight for more global economic and political influence. The global influence of American culture is also decreasing, because globalization has led to increased acceptance of cultural diversity. Friedman suggests that this could be good for America, because it has a large population of educated, flexible workers. But he also suggests that America could easily be overpowered one day by more advanced nations.

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Globalization has made the world more connected and more competitive than ever before. In The World Is Flat, Thomas L. Friedman discusses that this new globalized world will require future generations of Americans to change how they work and think in order to be economically successful. For instance, he tells American readers that they should find jobs that he calls “untouchable.” In other words, they need to find jobs that cannot be replaced by machines and will always be necessary for the functioning of society. This is because globalization is causing increased competition between nations for the most power and strength. Friedman suggests that this could be good for Americans, because America has a large, educated workforce and the economic strength to compete with other countries. However, he also emphasizes that the countries that will be the most successful and remain the most stable in this new age are not necessarily the ones that have global power right now.

Friedman also discusses how globalization will minimize the influence of American cultural imperialism. As the world becomes what he calls “flatter,” there is more recognition and appreciation for cultural diversity. This suggests that the old pattern of American culture overtaking the cultural norms of small communities and countries will not be as common. This could reduce America’s political and economic influence, because assimilating to American culture is not as necessary or desirable today as it once was.

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