The Persian Gulf War Questions and Answers

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How does globalization affect foreign policy?

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Globalization includes both trade and migration, and both play a central part in the foreign policies of nations. Globalization also includes the spread of ideas and technology, affecting how nations perceive each other and themselves.

There have been a series of trade agreements in the past half century, from NAFTA to the Trans-Pacific Partnership to regional trade associations like Andean, Black Sea, Caribbean, and European Common Markets. All aim for mutual beneficial trade and lower or no tariffs. Agreements on immigration are often part of these arrangements, stipulating how many workers, refugees, or candidates for citizenship each nation will accept.

Globalization includes the spread of the Internet and other communication methods, like texting and phone cameras. Such technology makes dictatorial repression more difficult to hide and spreads human rights protests. When King Leopold of Belgium killed millions in the Congo and established slave trade in the late nineteenth century, it took almost a decade for news of it to spread and protests to build. Today's technology can spread protests in minutes.

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