Discuss the advice the mother gives in "Girl" by Jamaica Kincaid that teaches her daughter to behave appropriately. 

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Jamaica Kincaid writes about her native Antigua. “Girl” recreates a scene between an adolescent, Caribbean girl and her mother who is worried about the daughter’s behavior. The narration is first person point of view with the mother serving as the narrator.  The narration is provided through a literary device called “stream of consciousness” which passes along the random thoughts and feelings of the narrator.

The story supplies a list of rules that the narrator's daughter should incorporate in her life. The mother accepts as true that a woman's reputation determines how she is treated in her surrounding. 

The mother believes that domestic knowledge will not only save her daughter from a life of promiscuity but will also endow her as a productive citizen. There is anger in the mother’s tone. Her frustration comes from the daughter’s inappropriate behavior and the worry that she will or even has done something...

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