How does Gilgamesh make demands of Enkidu?

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There are some moments where Gilgamesh makes some fairly intense demands of Enkidu.  One such challenge is when Gilgamesh proposes the journey to the Cedar Forests and kill the demon Humbaba.  Enkidu implores Gilgamesh to not undertake such a journey, as it has little, if anything to do with his leadership, yet Gilgamesh insists, in an almost demanding way, that Enkidu follows.  Additionally, when they get to the forest, Gilgamesh is petrified of the thought of facing the demon and prays for strength.  Enkidu realizes that they are in a situation that exceeds their capacity, and opts to leave.  Gilgamesh insists that they both stand together and fight the demon, something that Enkidu was not keen on doing in the very first of instances.

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