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How does geography use technology today and how has it changed over time?

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There is misconception that geography—and by extension, geographers—are engaged in only one aspect of the study of the earth. Many people believe geographers spend most, if not all, of their time in creating maps. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (2019) divides the field into two types of activities. Physical geography, which is the study of landforms and the environment’s relation to humans, is one activity. The second activity is human geography, which is the study of the relationship of human activity with the environment. Both fields use some components of the same technology to accomplish the research. For example, both utilize GIS to accurately map the contours of the areas in which geographers intend to study. However, they utilize other technologies, which have only been available in the last fifty years.

Before the advent of satellites and other technology, geography was primarily conducted by field surveys. As you might imagine, geographical expeditions were...

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