How does the gay and lesbian "problem" impact family relationships?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The gay and lesbian “problem” impacts family relationships mainly because there are families with gay or lesbian members who disapprove of homosexuality.  Many of these families think that homosexuality is a sinful choice made the individual person.

There can be other ways in which the gay and lesbian “problem” can cause heartache within a family.  For example, even parents who do not think homosexuality is sinful may not want their own kids to be gay.  They may realize that the life of a gay person is harder in the United States than the life of a straight person.  Therefore, they may be saddened and stressed if their child is gay because they will worry about his or her future.

However, this is not so likely to impact the actual relationships within the family.  What is more likely to affect such relationships is moral attitudes towards homosexuality.  There are many anecdotes about gay people who have been disowned by their families or who have been told by their families that they can and must change their ways.  This sort of basic and fundamental disapproval of homosexuality can deeply damage family relationships.