How does Gatsby "prepare" for his meeting with Daisy in The Great Gatsby? Chapter 5

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Jay prepares for his meeting with Daisy by first, checking his house to be sure it looks grand and opulent and perfect.  At the beginning of chapter five, Nick tells us that Gatsby had turned on all the lights in his house.  Jay also tries to repay Nick for the favor of hosting the get-together which is an awkward, but telling, attempt on Jay's part.  In Jay's world, all things have a price.  If he does a favor for someone, he expects to be paid and the reverse is true as well.  In Nick's world, sometimes people just do things out of kindness.  This is one of the examples of the class difference between Jay and Nick as well as between Jay and Daisy.  Additionally, Jay sends people to Nick's house to mow the lawn and deliver many flowers.  He wants Nick's house to look good, too.  Jay is nervous because he wants Daisy to see that he is wealthy. He thinks that if she sees him as wealthy, then she'll see him as being worthy of her.  That is also why he wears the white wool flannel suit, with the silver shirt and the gold tie.  His clothes scream "wealth".  Sadly, his ostentatiousness is another glaring example of the class difference which will forever prevent Daisy and him from truly being together.

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