How does Gandhi's discussion of yoga relate to Grieve's discussion of the smartphone app buddhify?

Gandhi's discussion of yoga relates to Grieve's discussion of buddhify because both topics promote mindfulness. Gandhi practiced yoga to clear his mind for better concentration and to remain peaceful. Grieve suggests that the smartphone app buddhify can promote mindfulness and calm in a similar way to yoga.

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Gandhi’s discussions about yoga are quite similar to Gregory Price Grieve’s discussions about the application buddhify. Gandhi’s practice of yoga allowed him to clear his mind and work for long periods of time without tiring. Yoga also allowed Gandhi to focus on compassion and empathy. Buddhify is an application with a focus on providing moments of meditation and mindfulness for busy users. Gregory Price Grieve discussed the application in his article “Meditation on the Go: Buddhist Smartphone Apps as Video Game Play.”

Grieve’s discussion of buddhify suggests that the smartphone application can lead to effects similar to the effects of yoga. For example, Grieve mentions that the application’s experience can promote “nonjudgemental awareness” of thoughts and emotions. This awareness of emotion can help the user become more calm, compassionate, and empathetic.

Grieve also discusses how the way that the user interacts with buddhify is like a ritual, which disconnects the user from conventional activity. This is similar to Gandhi’s discussion of yoga, and how yoga can promote detachment or the lack of mental disturbance. Gandhi stressed the importance of peace and of non-violent resistance. He himself used yoga to calm his mind and find such inner peace. Overall Grieve suggests that buddhify can promote the same peace of mind that Gandhi thought that yoga could.

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