How does functionalism theory affect the views of an individual who is part of the family institution?

cgrant2 | Student

The functionalism theory is based on the fact that the each part society affects the society as a whole. In terms of the family, the family (as whole) depends of on the government to provide school and programs that will help them raise their children. Another example is how families rely on schools to educate their children so that they can grow up and support their own families. In effect, the children become law abiding citizens who participate in society as a whole. If the society as a whole does provide the necessary tools for the child to survive and educated themselves, this will eventually affect society as whole. Functionalist theory relies on building order in a society. If a society does not have order, then it must do what is can to regain that order. In terms of the children, a child must seek counseling when they  experience deviant behavior. Counseling and guidance is way in which society tries to regain order. Overall, the various part of society affects society as a whole.