How does the French and Indian War and Metacom relate to the struggle for supremacy in North America?

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In both wars, the Native Americans lost considerably. King Philip's War was a war between the English settlers and Metacom. Metacom attempted to lead an uprising against the English whom he said were overtaking traditional ways of life. The settlers kept taking more land. In the end, the English won after Metacom's capture, but not before both sides destroyed many towns and villages in the area.

The French and Indian War pitted French forces and their Indian allies against British forces and their Indian allies. The colonists of each side joined the fight, though the British colonists joined more readily thanks to Pitt's promise to pay them handsomely. Once again, the Native Americans lost after this conflict, as the end of the war saw the French leave North America. Without another side to combat the ever-growing English presence, more tribes gave up their land to a rapidly growing colonial population. Even though the British enacted a barrier in the form of the Proclamation Line of 1763, it did not prove effective in stopping farmers and land speculators in going West.

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Metacom, a Native American also known as King Phillip by the English settlers, began a revolt known as King Phillip's War against the English settlers in the 1670's, attempting to drive them out of what is current day southwestern Massachusetts.  His alliance of various tribes broke down, however; the English prevailed and Native American political power was forever destroyed in the region, allowing the increasing number of English colonists to expand at will.  About eighty years later, the English, settling west from the coast, and the French, settling south from Canada, began to fight over the fur trade in what today is western Pennsylvania / Ohio. The French sought allies with the various Native tribes, but again the English prevailed militarily, and the French, as well as Spanish, were effectively driven from North America, leaving England the sole European power on the continent. 

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