How does Freak act in Chapter Four of Freak the Mighty?

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Kevin is happy making a visit into the "down under" and spending time with Max, out of the over-cautious eyes of Freak's mother. Kevin is animated, "wheezing" and "panting" before finally making himself comfortable on a pillow. Freak completely dominates the conversation, first explaining how his mother received her name "The Fair Gwen"--short for Guinevere--and then launching into descriptions of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Max sees that Freak is "really into this story," and then Kevin begins to compare the knights' armor with modern robots. Talking about robots really "make his eyes blaze," and Kevin is so excited that he's "fuming... so upset he can hardly talk." Kevin promises to loan Max some books before Gwen's voice is heard, and their visit is cut short when she "puts him in the wagon" and "almost runs home."


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