In Into the Wild, how does Franz change his lifestyle after Chris's departure for his Alaskan adventure?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The answer to this question can be found in Chapter Six of this great piece of non-fiction, after Franz receives his final letter from Chris McCandless as he sets off for the next stage of his journey. It is quite amazing the impact that Chris McCandless had on this eighty-one year old man. In the letter he receives, Chris tells him to move away from the city and head out into the wilderness, camping and living at one with nature. And surprisingly, Franz does exactly this. Note how he responds to the letter:

Astoundingly, the eighty-one-year-old man took the brash twenty-four-year-old vagabond's advice to heart. Franz placed his furniture and most of his other possessions in a storage locker, bought a GMC Duravan, and outfitted it with bunks and camping gear. Then he moved out of his apartment and set up camp on the bajada.

Franz even occupied his friend's campsite, staying there and awaiting patiently for Chris's return. Thus we have yet another example in this text of the profound impact that Chris McCandless had upon others that he met. Franz is perhaps one of the characters who was impacted most, but it shows us the kind of charismatic individual that Chris was and how he changed those around him.

sealman8 | Student

McCandless, while conversing with Franz tells him to follow the same lifestyle choices that he (Chris) is making. Because of his deep respect for McCandless, Franz decides to settle a couple miles outside of the "hippy town." This is the spot that McCandless had stayed in the short time that he was around Franz.

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