How does Franco Zeffirelli portray the two feuding families in his movie "Romeo and Juliet"?

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Zeffirelli's version of ''Romeo and Juliet'' (1968) has been controversial on some accounts but also praised widely by critics as probably one of the most 'authentic' attempts at filmizing Shakespeare's great romantic and tragic play. Some of its features won special acclaim--such as, for example, the casting of young/teenage actors who are in fact very close in age tio Shakespeare's characters (and the earlier Italian medieval stories on which he'd based his play), and its 'on location' filiming in medieval and Renaissance Italian towns in Tuscany and elsewhere, etc.

In terms of costumes, accoutrements, settings, and much more, Zeffirelli's ''Romeo and Juliet'' has indeed a 'real' feel, it transports us back to the Italy, the ' fair Verona' of the Montecchi and Capuletti (Montagues and Capulets to us), and to an environment of enimity, blood feuds and the classical Italian 'vendettas'. Zeffirelli does a rather good job of portraying these two warring families, or factions, of this old city, with their pompuous and dignified old leaders, their fierce kinsmen and quarrelsome retainers/vassals; the enimity/feud between the two families in really very finely highlighted and throughout the film, on 2-3 occasions, from start to finish, we see both clans 'disturbing the peace' of the city and in the end, once poor Romeo and Juliet are dead, we see them shamefaced too, being upbraided by the Prince in no uncertain terms, for having lost their beloved children in the folly of their hatred.

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