In "The Open Window", how does Framton react when Mrs. Sappleton arrives, and why?

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This event occurs in the short story after Framton Nuttel has spent some moments with Vera, the niece of Mrs. Sappleton. Vera uses this time to astutely gauge the fact that Framton Nuttel would be an excellent victim for a story, and thus whilst Mrs. Sappleton prepares herself, she weaves a tale of ghosts and death to Framton Nuttel. Vera just breaks off her narrative by saying she can almost imagine her family members returning back from the grave when Mrs. Sappleton enters:

She broke off with a little shudder. It was a relief to Framton when the aunt bustled into the room with a whirl of apologies for being late in making her appearance.

We do know that Framton Nuttel is in this part of the country for a "nerve cure", and thus the ghost story that Vera tells him would perhaps terrify him more than others, thus it is a relief to have the story interrupted by Mrs. Sappleton and to focus on "normal" conversation, even though Framton begins to believe that Mrs. Sappleton is overwhelmed and deranged by grief, based on the story he has just heard from Vera.

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