Discuss how the following quote applies to the two works, The Great Gatsby and Fences"The difficulty in life is the choice." -George Moore

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Moore's quote applies to situations and characters in the works by Fitzgerald and Wilson.  On one hand, Gatsby must face intense difficulty in the results of his choice.  His pursuit of Daisy, his reveling in the lifestyle of the rich, and his need to be loved are all elements of his choices.  Gatsby's fundamental crucible is to make the choice to become socially accepted.  This is not shown as something for which difficulty is present, but his difficulty in the course of the narrative lies with the results of that choice.  In the end, Gatsby's idealism and pursuit of his dream lies in the difficulty of choice.  In Wilson's drama, Troy's choices become fundamentally difficult, and this forms the basis of the drama.  Troy's difficulty within his job, his family, and his life represents difficulty faced in his choices.  His choice of being with Alberta, the choice of fighting Cory's dream, the choice of not standing with Jim, as well as his choice to fight against death are all based from the fundamental issue of choice.  For both Jay Gatsby and Troy Maxson, the difficulty endured is and arises from the issue of choice

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