How do Flannery O'Connor's views about race affect her story titled "Revelation"?

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Flannery O’Connor’s views about race are reflected in a number of her stories, especially “Everything That Rises Must Converge.” Those views are also relevant, however, to her story titled “Revelation.”

The main character in “Revelation” is a woman named Mrs. Turpin.  Although Mrs. Turpin thinks of herself as being a good Christian, she reveals in many different ways the central Christian sin of pride – the sin from which all other sins result.  Mrs. Turpin is proud of many different things about herself, including her social class, her personality, her possessions, and also her race. She considers herself superior to many different kinds of people, including poor whites and most blacks. Like many characters in many works by O’Connor, Mrs. Turpin needs (at least in O’Connor’s opinion) to be humbled before she can realize whatever true spiritual potential she may possess.

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