How does the final paragraph help to elucidate the theme in Once Upon a Time?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The closing paragraph is where everything comes into realization.  It is at this point where we see the family's desire for perfection in the form of absolute security turn into disaster on massive levels.  The wall built to keep the outside world out becomes the height that the child as "Prince Valiant" must scale in order to rescue the princess.  The barbed wire and jagged edges on the top of the wall end up ensaring the boy, cutting him each time he moves and piercing through the life of his body.  In the end, the family's inability to make out their own screams of horror with the blaring alarms in their home going off simutaneously are another reminder of how the family's desire for perfection ends up yielding personal destruction.  In the end, this paragaph results in the reader fully understanding and comprehending how the thematic development of the desire for perfection and totality leads to destruction and fragmentation of hopes and dreams.

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