How does the film "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" portray country music ?

Expert Answers
stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?' portrays the three main characters (Ulysses, Pete, and Delmar) as moving up from being prison escapees at the beginning of the film to ending the film as the Soggy Bottom Boys, the widely acclaimed artists responsible for a wildly popular song.

Country music is portrayed in the film as having simple melodies, uncomplicated harmonization, and basic accompaniment by instruments such as fiddles and guitars. Country music usually features a definite rhythm and is frequently appropriate for accompanying dancing. The Soggy Bottom Boys' choreography when singing their hit, as well as the crowd's reaction, reflects this important role of country music.

During the time in which the film is set, the radio became a prime means of bringing music to many listeners. The radio broadcast of the campaign dinner program that ends with the concert is very indicative of the importance of country music as a voice for the public to express its' hopes and frustrations.