Exaine how film techniques in Jasper Morello and the Lost Airship help to portray the significant impact of journeys on individuals.

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One flim technique is the use of animation through which the impact of journeys can be seen in the film.  For example, the idea of "one degree" as having meaning influences Jasper to a point where we see the flashback technique involved, reminding him and alerting us to his own pain and regret as causing the death of a crew member.  The journey he is to undertake is a form of redemption for this pain and for his sense of hurt. The grainy texture and colors employed help to convey the emotional aspect of the journey both in what it means for the present and what it carried in the past. The journey Jasper takes in the form of saving lives and helping others who are in danger becomes even more significant when Jasper has to bring the creature back to Gothia in order to cure the citizens there, including his wife, from the plague.  In this, the journey becomes meaningful in terms of being able to undo a pain from the past. Two other film techniques that contribute to the impact of the journey are close-ups and depth of field. These put the journey experiences right at hand while simultaneously creating a distancing effect between events and individuals as well as between one individual and another, like between Jasper and the falling man and Jasper and his wife, both seen at the very beginning.

The use of characterization as a technique to enhance the meaning of the journey can also be seen in Dr. Belgon's relationship to the journey.  For Dr. Belgon, the journey is a voyage into the possibilities of what can be.  He boards the ship armed with the possibility to find a cure for the plague. When the crew finds the creature, Dr. Belgon sees the possibility intrinsic in keeping it alive.  The journey is a revelation of what can be and this impacts the Doctor, a man of science, into seeing the conditional out of the journey.  Such a commitment to the idea of what might be is what compels him to do what he does. The journey impacts him by helping him realize what can be done, as opposed to accepting the condition of what is.  In these ways, film techniques are able to illuminate how the meaning of the journey and how it impacts specific individuals in the film.

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