How does The Blind Side relate to the concept of belonging?

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Throughout the film, Michael is alienated from any concept of belonging.  The fact that he runs away from each new setting through foster care in which he lives reflects this.  Michael struggles to find any notion of belonging in any setting.  In this, the theme presents itself early on in the film.  Once the Tuohys take Michael in, the theme of belonging is firmly embedded in the film.  Michael's belonging comes in the form of being with this family, and working with them in order to becomes academically and psychologically safe.  At the same time, he works towards the end of belonging somewhere with someone.  When Michael perceives that the family might be using him for football ends, belonging is once again seen when Michael goes back to his birth mother's home and seeks to establish some bonds of belonging, to anyone that will allow him to do so.  His reconciliation with the Tuohys is one where the belonging theme is evident, as Michael feels that he does belong.  Going to play college and pro football helps to enhance this theme again, for the idea of playing on a team and protecting "the blind side" helps to cement this theme throughout the film.


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