How does father's sweet,sing-song voice affect Jonas on their last evening together?

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gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In chapter 19, the Giver makes Jonas watch a video of his father releasing an infant. Jonas watches the disturbing video of his father lethally injecting an infant before placing the body in a carton. The disturbing video upsets Jonas, who begins to cry and refuses to go home that night. In chapter 21, Jonas is forced to abandon his plans and save Gabriel after his father says that Gabe will be released the next morning. Jonas's father then looks at Gabriel and says, "It's bye-bye to you, Gabe, in the morning" in a sing-song voice (Lowry, 85). Jonas's father's cavalier, playful tone is especially disturbing considering the fact that he is talking about killing Gabriel the next morning. Jonas must have been extremely hurt and disturbed after hearing his father singing bye-bye to Gabriel. Jonas may also have experienced feelings of anger and anxiety. He is more than likely mad that his father would harm an infant and take pleasure in releasing a child. Jonas knows that the only hope of saving Gabe and changing the community for the better is to immediately flee the society.

dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In his "sweet, sing-song voice, father sang, "it's bye-bye to you, Gabe, in the morning".  I think for Jonas it must have been the thing that caused him to make the serious decision to take Gabriel with him when he left the community. Father's statement was ominous because it expressed the truth underlying the lies the people had always been told.  Although his voice was made it seem like everything was alright, "bye-bye" to Gabriel meant that in the morning he would be killed, not just  "released" to a vague, alternate, positive existence like the people have been led to believe.  Because Jonas knows the truth behind the facade of his father's soothing voice, he makes the dangerous decision to kidnap Gabriel and include him in his attempt to escape from the society (Chapter 21).

chasity361 | Student

The reason why it affected him is because when he and the giver watched his father relese the twin he had the same sing song voice saying its bye bye to u little baby while he was killing and putting the baby away

osnapitzjade | Student

um, i think that it made him wanna take gabe:) dont u think gabe would be really cute!! lol