How does the farm under Napoleon's leadership differ from the farm under Farmer Jones' rules?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would say Napoleon's leadership is much more devious than Mr. Jones'.  The farm under Mr. Jones' guidance was poorly handled, with his drunkenness being the catalyst for change.  At the same time, Jones simply never quite understood the magnitude of revolution and the ability for change.  Within this, we can see where Napoleon's leadership differs as he is driven to a major extent to not relinquish power as easily as Mr. Jones did.  Napoleon understand that Jones' incompetence and lack of understanding about the volatile nature of revolution is precisely what allows the revolution to happen.  Napoleon ensures that this won't happen again through the elimination of opposition, like Snowball, or through weeding out anyone who could possible offer opposition, such as Boxer.  With Squealer and the younger age of the animals on the farm, Napoleon is much more aware of his role as leader and less likely to surrender it than Mr. Jones was.

revolution | Student

Jones is a good example of all the evil that is in a master-worker relationship. He is always easy, neglecting to feed the animals, so somedays, the animals would be without food. He always come back home drunk and go into his house without bothering to supply the animals with food. This led to widespread suffering and starvation amongst the animals, so finally, he was driven out by the animals in a spontaneous rebellion against him. Life would be much better without being under Jones regime.

Napoleon, on the other-hand, is the complete opposite. He brought about much comfort and peace in the farm, and thought of new inventions to make the farm more technologically advanced, which boost crop yield in the farm, so there was more food annually compared to Jones' time. But, the "paradise land" brought about lots of tension and fear as many of them were killed in the process for rebelling against Napoleon. So, in some way, it brought about some suffering among the animals as they had to watch their back, in fear of being killed for being a dissident.