How does the farm prosper in the years after Boxer's death?  

Expert Answers
missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The farm seems surprisingly able to stock Napoleon's home with whiskey. I think this leads the reader to conclude that Napoleon made a surprisingly good amount of money on glue or whatever he sold Boxer's body for.

It seems also that now the farm is able to support fantanstic parties for humans to come and enjoy the farmhouse with Napoleon.

The farm was able to purchase two fields from Pilkington and they began to use the windmill to mill corn which also turned quite the profit.

This prosperity gave the animals the opportunity to create a school for the young pigs and the pigs become greater and greater in number and receive wonderful opportunities to live in the house and wear bows if they desire.

revolution | Student

The farm has become more experienced in new technology. They had built windmills, that were used to mill corns so that to gain profit instead of generating more electricity as planned beforehand.  The farms seemed to become richer and richer years after Boxer's death. The land had become bigger than before, thanks to the land purchased from Mr Pikington, which now has in place a threshing machine and a hay elevator. The pigs are allowed to wear clothes made by humans and also have their own telephone and their own magazines, which they subscribed to. Their lives have become more comfortable compared to the past, showing that the quality of life in the farm has improved.