How does Fahrenheit 451 relate to Bible stories?

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"Fahrenheit 451" relates to Bible stories because of the multiple references made to Bible stories and Biblical events.  For example this quote: "None of those books agree with each other. You've been locked up here for years with a regular damned Tower of Babel. Snap out of it!"  Beatty is referencing the Tower of Babel story from Genesis 11.  In it, the people believe that they can build a tower so high that they can be closer to God.  The Bible states that God mixed up all of the languages to confuse the people, so that they couldn't complete the tower.  Beatty believes books are the same way.  So much contradictory and confusing information that they cause more harm than good.  

The character of Faber tells Montag that Montag is the firer and Faber is the water and together the two of them will create wine.  This is referencing Jesus's miracle of turning water into wine at the wedding in Canaa.  

The end of the book references a "tree of life" which could be referencing the early Genesis tree of life or the tree of life mentioned in Revelation 22.  Probably the later since it's word for word from verse 2.  That Biblical chapter is talking about a beautiful city of God, and that is what Montag hopes for.  A new city.  

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