In The Hunger Games how does always being on camera affect the tributes' behavior from the time they are chosen?

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mrs-campbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The tributes know that how they behave in the arena, and what the cameras see, determine what sponsors and help that they will get.  The more that the crowds like you, the more that you play the game in a way that will garner support, sympathy and fans, the more help you will get through sponsors.  The players know that their managers are out there doing all that they can to get people to provide them with food, resources, medicine and other supplies that will sometimes mean the difference between life and death in the arena.  Typically, the richest and most popular "career" districts get most of the sponsors, because sponsors want to support those that are most likely to win--it makes them look better, like they are picking winners.  And, the "Careers" are the ones that usually win, because they have been trained and have made it a career to know how to win the Games.

Katniss knows that she must get support and fans in order to get sponsors, and to do that, she has to appear certain ways.  She plays up the entire "Peeta and I are so in love" angle, because she knows the crowd loves it, and Haymitch has hinted around that this is what will get them support.  If there weren't cameras watching, there would be no way for the crowds to know if they truly were acting like they were in love.  So, she hams it up a bit, and plays the part for the cameras, when in reality she has no idea what she feels.  Then, at the end of the novel, she and Peeta make a decision to take the berries together, because they know the cameras are on them.  In fact, Peeta even says, "I want everyone to see," as they put them in their mouths.  They are gambling that the Capitol won't let them because it makes them look bad to let these two kids, who everyone has grown to love, kill themselves.

So, the cameras alter behavior in two crucial ways.  One is they play to the cameras to win sponsors, and the second is that they use the cameras to defy the capitol.  I hope that those thoughts helped; good luck!

chrisyhsun | Student

Because the tributes are being filmed constantly and (perhaps more importantly) are aware of all this attention, they are inclined to act a certain way to play up their image to Panem. Even if the Career Tributes are in reality nervous or scared on the inside, they are forced to mask an insecurity and display a confident, powerful look to the audience. Tributes going for the sly, mysterious angle may choose to remain expressionless regardless of what they actually feel. You could relate them to modern day celebrities who have to be present to the public a certain image of themselves in order to rally support (political leaders could also fall into this category). The public image the tributes create for themselves is especially important once they enter and need sponsor gifts to help them in the survival process.

crystaltu001 | Student

If the audience is interested in the tributes, then the tributes could earn sponsors to help them out when they're in trouble by donating items to support them.

hopedeludes | Student

If they appeal to the audience, they stand a higher of getting sponsors to donate useful items to aid their survival. If they perform unappealing acts on camera, such as attempting to eat a fellow tribute, and disgusts the audience they risk being killed by the Gamemakers ( if I am not wrong) .

nyabishmen-of-doom | Student

They cant insult the capital, or be blown into smitherines or attacked by some creation of the gamemakers. They have to act firocious and cunning to gain supporters. They can flat out defy the capital as an act of rebellion, but risk dieing. So, they use them to gain support, and possibly create a rebellion. Like in The Hunger Games