In Fahrenheit 451 how does Faber give Montag wisdom?

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In Fahrenheit 451, I see Faber give Montag wisdom in 3 ways.

First, he physically puts thought into his head. The ear piece Montag wears in an effort to know what to do when he performs his acts of rebellion is a symbol of the wisdom Faber places in his mind. It is as if an all-knowing god comes into Montag's mind and gives him what to do when.

Second, Faber directly instructs Montag in the art of reading. Faber clarifies what thought and truth actually are. Montag begins to believe that there is something in books that must be known. Because Montag is not a reader, nor does he really analyze, he does not know how to read and consume or digest thought. Faber gives him three purposes for reading: quality of detail, leisure to digest, and the ability to act upon what is read.

Lastly, Montag is ready to act. He can achieve the third directive of reading, he just doesn't know how to be the respecter of detail, or digester of thought. It is as if Faber performs the actions Montag cannot for him while Montag does the third for Faber.

All of these steps result in Montag actually gaining wisdom for the duration of his life after his escape because he then gets to experience the group with Granger, a people who do think and talk and process and value wisdom the way it was.

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