How does Everyman get rid of his goods? He gives half away to charity, but what does he do with the other half?

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When Everyman is called to make an account of his life, he tries desperately to find someone to go with him and speak on his behalf. He asks his Goods to go with him, because he realizes that he has loved material things more than he has loved God. Goods, however, cannot go with him. After all, you can't take it with you! (I couldn't resist that one.)

So Everyman has to leave his Goods behind for "another to deceive in the same wise."

Everyman: Ah, Good, thou hast had long my heartly love; I gave thee that which should be the Lord’s above. But wilt thou not go with me in deed? I pray thee truth to say.

Goods: No, so God me speed. Therefore farewell, and have good day.

So Everyman leaves all worldly goods behind and continues on his journey.