How does the every day thinking differs from Research? Explain with suitable example. My posted question is related with Research Methodology

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Research is a thing that is very different from everyday thinking.  It is (or at least it should be) much more systematic and more focused.

In research, we must clearly identify a question we are asking.  We must then set up, in a very precise and systematic way, a method for objectively answering the question.  We must do our best to go wherever the data lead us rather than coming into our research with preconceptions about what we will find.  We must also be sure that we do not confuse the impacts of various independent variables.

Everyday thought is not usually so rigorous.  We often hold preconceived ideas and we often do not try hard to make sure it does not color our thinking.  We do not try hard to determine which variables have which impacts on various things.

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