How does the environment you live in affect who you are as a person?

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How an environment influences a person is often referred to as the impact of one's "social location." Of course, everyone is born with certain genetic predispositions, but social location refers to the entire nexus of what lies outside of nature. It includes your race, your ethnicity, your religion, your economic status, your education, your gender, and your geographic location.

How you perceive, process, and understand the world is dependent on all of those different environment factors. If you live in downtown Brooklyn rather than a farm in Idaho, your experience of life is going to be different from a rural person's. If you are black, you are going to experience institutional structures differently than if you are white. If you grow up poor, the world is going to appear differently to you than to a person born in an affluent family.

Differences in experience between people of different social locations can make social cohesion very difficult in a diverse society, such as in the United...

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