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How does the environment affect the way people live?

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Environment is the sum total of everything around us. The various environmental factors include weather elements (such as temperature, precipitation, sunlight, etc.), resources (such as water, air, land, etc.) and biotic factors (other organisms, plants, etc.). A sum total of all these factors and how they interact with human beings affect how we live our lives. A region with heavier rainfall means that people will have to build homes and city with adequate drainage. A region with better water availability and more fertile land would be used for agriculture, while a drier region will have a different life style and work preferences. A region with more sunlight will mean people have to use shades and protect the cattle and themselves from heat (by drinking more water). Similarly, people living near oceans tend to eat more fish, while people living in plains (and near fertile regions), eat more vegetables, etc.

Thus, environment affects how people live by determining available options, possible dangers and potential benefits.

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