Ender's Game Questions and Answers
by Orson Scott Card

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How does Enders Game fit into the genre of "dystopia" (a futuristic world maintained by totalitarian control)?

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There are actually three “worlds” in this novel:  first, the domestic “dystopia” in which family size is limited, social pressure is applied to “Thirds”, family members are alienated from each other, and young, gifted children are fitted with electronic “readers” that evaluate their potential for the second “dystopia: the quasi-military world of Ender’s training (Battle School), where totalitarian adults try to forge good soldiers and leaders through a series of mock battles, a world itself flawed because human elements such as fear, desire for power, guilelessness, etc. are given no value.  The final "dystopia” is the world-wide, earth-bound, human fear of the Buggers, a culture ostensibly at war with human existence, causing the entire globe to live in distrust and apprehension.   Card is using his fictive futuristic dystopia to do two things: to strip bear the current global fears of modern culture, and to propose that the solution to our dystopia lies in Ender’s perspective at the novel’s end, viewing aliens not as enemy combatants but as societies with an advanced sensibility and communication skills.

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