How does Ender change throughout the book, Ender's Game? In what parts of the book is this shown?

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Ender begins the story as a naive, trusting six year old, but not as the typical six year old of today. He is extremely gifted in battle and strategies beyond his years. As the events unfold, Ender becomes a lonely outcast and understands that he is being manipulated by the adults and the military. He learns to cope with the loneliness by withdrawing from people. He learns from situations, both good and bad, and puts that knowledge to work manipulating others. He becomes cynical yet masterful. His love of his sister never dies, and the manipulative military uses her to steer Ender in the direction they feel is best. Ender knows this but continues to love his sister while steering the military in the direction he wants them to go. Once the war is over, he withdraws from the world and travels in space doing only what he wants with his equally burned out sister as his companion.

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