How does Elie Wiesel's father die in Chapter 8 of Night by Elie Wiesel?

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Elie's father dies in Chapter 8 when he is taken to the crematorium while Elie is asleep. Chlomo's health progressively deteriorates during their long march to Buchenwald so that he is barely alive, yet Elie desperately keeps him from dying. Then, in January 1945, Chlomo manages to say Elie's name as the two go to sleep, and when Elie wakes up, his father has been taken away.

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When they arrive at Buchenwald, Eli's father is growing ever weaker. Clinging to each other's hands, they try to keep moving and keep together. The rumor is making the rounds that they are to have showers then be sent to barracks. While awaiting an opportunity to join the throng trying to get into the showers, Mr. Wiesel collapses on a snowbank in weakness and exhaustion. Elie screams at his father to get up and keep trying but too much has happened to Mr.Wiesel. In delirium, he responds that Elie must allow the corpses to sleep and not awaken them with shouting.

Their personal agony is interrupted by the sound of...

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