How does Edward Cullen show integrity in "Twilight?"

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Edward Cullen is one of the main characters and Bella's love interest in "Twilight."  He demonstrates his integrity, which is standing up for what you believe and doing the right thing even when no one is looking, several times in this novel.  One way he demonstrates integrity is by refusing to go near Bella until he is confident that he can resist her blood.  He is so attracted by her scent that he even has to stay away from school until he regains control.  Edward also demonstrates his integrity by putting Bella's needs always before his own.  He defends her, saves her, and makes sure she is safe. When Bella is hunted and eventually attacked by James, Edward is the one who saves her life by sucking out the venom that James put into Bella.  This was very difficult because once he began it was hard to stop himself.  Another example of integrity was when he insisted on meeting Bella's dad and asking his permission to take Bella out.  Edward is a very old fashioned character and does things the way they would have been done in the early 1900's. Edward also refuses to go to the beach party at LaPush because of the treaty with the indian tribe.

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The very first moment that Bella and Edward sit near each other in Biology, Edward shows integrity by not attacking and killing her. Although the reader does not realize it in the beginning, Edward is fighting his very nature in order to spare Bella's life. And when he saves her from Tyler's van, he shows integrity by endangering himself and his family's secret by saving Bella's life.

The Cullens have a lot of integrity, because they fight their own nature in order to take a moral path and not murder people. In Carlisle's case, he even uses his abilities to help people.

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Edward saves Bella from being mashed against the van. He also does not lure her away so he can have her blood. He even carries her to the doctor's office when she doesn't feel good and helps her home. Afterwards he makes sure Bella is safe when a group of thugs come to attack her. 

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Three ways Edward showed integrity would be:...

1. Edward saves Bella's life from the van that was going to plow into her.

2. When she becomes nauseas and not feeling so well he carry's her to the doctors office and even gets her a go home pass from the office without calling Charlie and even offers her a ride home.

3. Edward saves Bella from the thugs that were trying rape and hurt Bella.