How does globalization play an important role when buying "American?"

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that one of the issues behind globalization and "buying American" is that the presence of the former plays down the pure hopes of the latter.  In a globalized setting, there cannot be a full driven emphasis on products made only by a particular nation.  The idea of "globalization" means that different nations contribute to different elements of a product phase and individual distinctions via nations are difficult to ascertain.  For example, automobiles, even American ones, have some level of foreign parts or production within them.  American computers have different parts from different countries within them.  The globalized world, one in which interdependency of economies of scale and production of goods are both realities, is one in which the hope of advocating for the purchase of one particular nation or group of nations becomes a bit difficult.  This does not mean that it is impossible to "buy American," but American participation in the globalized economy, by definition, is not easily derived to be simply for its own nation.  Rather, the product becomes key, and not as much where it was produced.  The idea of one nation is mitigated significantly by the notion of a globalized economic setting where there are more participants and more economic interests being represented.