how does education affect chances of attaining a job? And what role does communication skills play in a career?how does education affect chances of attaining a job? And what role does communication...

how does education affect chances of attaining a job? And what role does communication skills play in a career?

how does education affect chances of attaining a job? And what role does communication skills play in a career?

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Both education and communication are important. Education is only necessary for some jobs though. It really depends on the job. Communication skills are almost always important. The best thing to do is decide what career you are interested in, and ressearch the requirements.
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There are all kinds of studies out there that show the comparison of earnings for people with differing educations and lifetime earnings. I think it is safe to say that a college education helps to earn more money, however I think that communication skills have to be good also.

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The more education, training, and specific skills a person can bring to a job interview, the more likely he or she will be to obtain employment. People get paid for what they know and what they can do. In the marketplace, a job applicant simply must have something to sell to an employer to meet that employer's needs. As for the importance of communication skills (both written and oral), it would be hard to overemphasize their importance in the workplace, regardless of the job. Miscommunication creates errors, wastes time, and reduces effectiveness and productivity. Also, poor communicators who deal with the public make a bad impression for their companies. Employers understand the importance of clear and professional communications. Several years ago I taught a college night class in oral and written communications. My students were bank employees, and their banks paid their tuition. That makes a convincing argument in favor of communication skills being very important in the workplace.

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Statistics show that education is one of the most important factors in landing a better job. This is why more and more people are attending schools of higher education. In my opinion, colleges in particular and schools in general do two things well. First, they help a person think critically. So, even if you don't actually use what you have learned in college in the real world, school will help. How many times have you heard people say, "I've never use that in the real world!" Sure, a person may not use certain equations, etc., but the process of learning is what is important. It develops a person's mind. This is key.

Second, colleges and schools in general help people interact with one another. The better a person's social skills are, the better the chance for success. Why? We will inevitably deal with people. So, in this sense, language skill are extremely important. Perhaps, one more point. In an information age such as ours, language skill may be even more important.

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In general, the higher one's level of education, the better one's chances of getting and keeping a good job.  For example, according to the New York Times' website this past week, women with a college degree have only about half the rate of unemployment (right now during this recession) that women with only a high school diploma have (I believe the numbers were 4.2% compared to 8.8)

In most careers, communication skills are vital.  In order to get to a position of responsibility, you need to be able to communicate (again, depending on your career) with bosses, subordinates, customers, co-workers and others.

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Education enables a person to acquire specific knowledge and skills. Education is definitely very helpful in getting jobs that require use of such knowledge and skill. Education is also helpful in improving general mental capabilities of a person, and therefore education is also contributing factor in getting jobs where the education may not be directly related to the job. For example, many companies recruit fresh graduates and post graduates from diverse academic fields and train them to take up managerial responsibilities not directly related to their educational specialization. However, people can also be over qualified for a job. A person who is highly educated, tends to get bored in jobs that do not require application of of his or her mental capabilities,and therefore unable to perform the job effectively. For this reason companies avoid recruiting people who are over qualified.

Communication skill is something that people may have in degrees that are mostly unrelated to their education. Communication is the ability to understand other and to make them understand you. This kind of skill is useful in most of the jobs excepting some very few jobs like a research scientist working independently. Therefore, communication skill is a definitely plus point in getting jobs and in performing well in ones job.

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Education provides the certification needed to apply for and possibly obtain placement in a chosen field. After that, it is a toolbox with which to begin.