In "How I Met My Husband," how does Edie's presentation of Chris compare to any other of the characters?

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kwoo1213 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Edie, the narrator, is writing the story looking back on her early teenage years.  Chris is the exciting, older man who is a pilot who is temporarily in town.  Edie is intrigued by him because of his adventurous and mysterious lifestyle.  He is also very suave and flirtatious with Edie and compliments her beauty.  She reacts to this as many teenage girls would...with intrigue and interest.  Edie portrays Chris realistically, but she seems wistful in her portrayal, as well.  The first big crushes are memorable for people, and Chris was no exception for Edie.  When Chris did not write her a letter after promising to do so, she realizes that he did not mean what he said and she learns from this, undoubtedly.  A bonus is that she met her future husband because of it...he was the mailman!

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