How does Edie meet her husband? Is it when she is gettin ice cubes out of the fridge and he is standing at the door staring at her?

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the charming and innocent story How I Met My Husband by Alice Munro the heroine, Edie, who is but a hired girl who keeps house for Dr. and Mrs. Peebles, meets two men. One turns out to be her future husband and the other...well the other blows away. A airplane lands in the fairgrounds and the pilot appears at the Peebles door asking for water on a day when the Peebles are away from home and fifteen-year-old Edie is naughtily trying on Mrs. Peebles dress and makeup. She bakes him a cake and he--an older man who ought to know better--kisses her passionately but then douses them both with cold water so they can think better of their behavior. He tells her that he is leaving unexpectedly soon but he will write to her. Edie goes everyday to wait for the mailman who will deliver the letter she expectantly looks for. No letter ever comes but the mailman does come faithfully everyday. When Edie finally understands that no letter will come she stops waiting but now the mailman is disappointed because he has begun looking for her everyday. He phones her and the mailman and Edie start dating and soon they marry. Edie met her husband at the mailbox while she was waiting for a letter that never came from a pilot who blew away like a bird in his plane, never to be seen again.

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