Why does Edie deceive Mrs. Peebles and Alice by making up the place that Chris has gone to when he leaves?

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the story, "How I Met My Husband," Edie is a naive fifteen-year-old girl who is infatuated with Chris who is an older man and an airplane pilot and carnival ride operator. He is also mildly infatuated with Edie who is pretty and young. Chris is also engaged to Alice, although he apparently has no real interest in her. Edie sees them simply walk away from each other one night after taking a drive together--not very romantic or loving behavior. So--when Chris leaves town after Alice has gone shopping with Mrs. Peebles and Loretta, everyone assumes Edie knew he was leaving and knows where he has gone. Chris did say that he would write to her and tell her his destinations but he didn't name his first destination or any other. Edie knows that Chris left town to escape Alice, so Edie lies for him and deceives Mrs. Peebles and Alice to cover up his desire to escape his fiancée (eNotes).

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