How does Edgar Allan Poe Successfully create an atmosphere of suspense and horror with a hint of supernatural in his short story The Fall of The House of Usher ?  

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The choice of language and symbolism used in the story is carefully crafted to contribute to the effect Poe wanted to convey.

The descriptive language paints a picture of a house that is beyond merely old and dirty. Features are portrayed in great detail, with repeated adjectives adding layer upon layer of age and deterioration to the picture. The setting in which the house is found extends the atmosphere of gloom and death and apprehension of unpleasant events in the past, present and future.

The description of the characters in the story, including the house as a character in its own right, support the introduction of the supernatural feel to the story. The house appears to the narrator as being associated more with decay and death than with the world of the living. The introduction of the lady Madeline into the story immediately creates the impression that she does not appear or move like a normal person would.

As the story progresses, the presence of supernatural phenomenon becomes stronger, as implied by the visions and sounds that come to the characters and as symbolized in the storm and the rising from the "dead" of Madeline.

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