How does Edgar Allan Poe's Gothic style differ from traditional Gothic styles? What was his impact on contemporary or modern Gothic styles?

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In many ways, Edgar Allen Poe`s short stories and poetry share many of the conventions of the traditional Gothic, including remote and exotic locations, ornate vocabulary, complex syntax, use of eerie settings to create horror, and supernatural elements. Where his work is original is the psychological turn. Where Anne Radcliffe`s protagonists tend to be women of the Enlightenment, who are quite sceptical of the supernatural and abnormal, and the stories resolve with a return to normality, Poe`s protagonists are often `nervous`or `sensitive`and the progression of the stories reflect a descent into madness. Much of Poe`s horror has to do as much with the disintegration of the psyche as the external events. His main contribution to the genre, thus, can be considered a psychological turn.

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