How does each family member react to Gregor after his transformation in The Metamorphosis—what is different and similar about each reaction?

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All of the family members in Kafka's The Metamorphosis receive quite a shock upon seeing Gregor's transformation. Their reactions to him and how they choose to deal with the situation all betray their relationships with him, revealing what they actually feel about the young man.

His sister is the only family member to come to his aid, asking if he has become ill. She immediately tries to console him and help him, if at all possible. Grete, the sister, begins collecting foods she believes he may now be interested in after his transformation, so that he can eat and be comfortable—including decayed vegetables, cheese, old leftovers and bones that had begun to harden.

His mother, Mrs. Samsa, is distressed at the transformation, overwhelmed by emotion and grief. She tries her best to console him and help him, but she can't bear to look at him. In her grief, she tries her best to act with motherly affection, but has a difficult time overcoming his appearance.

Gregor's father, Mr. Samsa, is...

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