How does each character's life change significantly during the course of Chapter 8 of The Great Gatsby?

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missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Chapter 8 is a fill in the blank chapter of the past... lots of flashbacks.

In real time:

Gatsby has truly gone off his rocker and can't understand why Daisy is not leaving Tom, so he watches like a peeping Tom and waits hoping if he proposes to abuse her, he'll be able to stop it. Later, Gatsby goes swimming, he NEVER swims in his pool.

Wilson after finding the dog leash knew something was up with Myrtle and talked with Michaelis about it. He traveled on foot and was "acting sort of crazy." Wilson ran a garage, he should never have a need to go anywhere on foot.He had singular purpose and focus, unfortunately he focused on inaccurate data and murdered a man. Then he kills himself. Life is changed significantly when it's over.

Nick becomes a little more pursuing of Gatsby than ever. The man who has a telephone always available doesn't have one available to Nick and after 4-5 tries, Nick just can't get him.

Jordan leaves Buchanans. She always stays there when in the area.

In a flashback:

We learn that Daisy was welcoming of Gatsby once upon a time and was taken with his knowledge of world things and the thought that he could take care of her. At one point, upon knowledge of what he really was about, she was momentarily attracted to that not devoted to the material world in which she was raised.

In a flashback

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