How does Dunstan Ramsay grow individually throughout the novel Fifth Business?

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Dunny does some serious growing and changing in the novel, but he also realizes his limitations.  One way in which he does not grow is in his relationship with Boy Staunton.  He always had a long-simmering contempt for him, and kept important facts about Boy's own life from him (like the fact that he still had the rock that hurt Mrs. Dempster, and that he had supported her in mental institutions for years, and at one time Boy's first wife Leola had propositioned him), all while remaining, on the surface, a friend. 

But Dunstan makes a big change in his later years, specifically in regard to Leisl.  She teaches him that love, friendship, and even a sexual relationship doesn't have to be smothering, as it was with his mother.  Dunstan spent a long time learning this; because he never had a long-term relationship...

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