How does dressing up like a man help Rosalind achieve her goals in As You Like It?

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Rosalind and her cousin Celia are in a jam. They have to run off into a forest to look for Rosalind's father who is temporarily camping out there. They know it would not be too safe for two rich girls to go wandering around together. Because Rosalind is tall, she thinks she should wear the boy disguise. It also seems she's open to some swordfighting, or at looking ready to do some "swashing." She is sure as well that some men are cowards so have as much fear in their hearts as girls do.

Once Rosalind becomes Ganymede, however, and she meets Orlando, looking tough and brave is not so much on her mind any more. Instead, she wants to talk with him about love and wooing. She recognizes that the freedom she has is more than to run around in pants and hose rather than large, confining skirts. She can actually have fun teasing the young man, and getting to know him while he's completely in the dark that he's talking to a girl.

Rosalind, the protagonist of Shakespeare's comedy As You Like It , is...

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