How does dreaming affect George and Lennie in Of Mice and Men?

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Dreaming has some significant impacts on both George and Lennie.  For the latter, dreaming of a farm with animals becomes the end goal to which all consciousness is geared.  Lennie understands his dreams of a farm in so far as his connection with George and the end point of his world of existence.  Lennie does not really see dreaming as a way of escaping from the present, but rather sees it as an end goal, the ultimate destination of that journey of which he and George are a part.  For Lennie, dreaming is a way to escape the condition of what is.  Lennie sees dreaming in a transcendent manner that makes the drudgery of what is more bearable.  Dreaming is a means of escape, separate from the current journey or voyage.  Lennie believes in his dreams of being his own boss or going to a ball game during a workday.  Lennie needs these ideals to help make life more bearable, whereas George sees them as a natural extension of current reality.

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