How does Dracula reflect on Victorian era?

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There are many examples of Victorianism in Stoker's work.  The work does a good job in establishing and supporting the gender stratification of Victorian society. The idea that men are to save women, who are essentially damsels in distress, is a powerfully evident one.  Johnathan and his colleagues are there to save Mina from the dark forces.  This helps to bring out the idea that men are at the top of this hierarchy.  Another Victorian element that is present is the distinct conception of right and wrong.  Dracula is seen as the force of evil or what is wrong in the word, while Johnathan and the others are shown to be the forces of good.  In this collision of ideals, the forces of good win over that which is evil.  Similar to Victorian Society, there is a distinct and singular representation of good and evil, and this order is reaffirmed through the novel.