How does Dr. Roylott's plan back fire and what is his motive for the crimes? Also What would have happened to Helen if she didn't consult Holmes

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Dr. Roylott's plan backfires because he is unsuccessful in killing Helen in the same way that he killed her twin sister, Julia, by allowing a deadly snake to crawl into a vent, enter her room and bite her during the night.  Julia was bitten as she slept in her bed which was nailed to the floor so that the snake would easily land on the bed as it crawled down the fake bell cord.

Julia's murder was only the first part of Dr. Roylott's plan, he killed her so that he did not have to give her the inheritance that her mother put aside for both her daughters which they were to receive when they each married.  Julia was engaged to be married when she "died suddenly" of unknown causes.

Helen becomes very suspicious, after she becomes engaged, and her stepfather, Dr. Roylott...

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