How does Donne develop the theme of love in "The Good Morrow"?What are the different stages of love we find in "The Good Morrow"?

kc4u | Student

"The Good Morrow" is a love poem, but in a Metaphysical manner. It is critical of the idealist strain implicit in the Elizabethan love poetry. It restores physicality, sensuality and sexuality to love. Donne thinks love is a dialogue between the body and the soul and neither on its own can constitute love. The metaphorical morning of consciousness is one of love and it brings home this very idea of the balance. From the sole reign of the sexual in the childish pleasures, being sucked on to a misrecognition in the Seven Sleepers' Den, the new dawn of love brings this new stage in love where intensity reigns supreme. There is a mutual self-respect and none of the selves dissolves in the relation. There is no power play, but only the faces in each other's eyes. Once the anchor-point of love is well grounded, it can take care of the 'love of other sights'. This is a very liberal, accommodating and pluralistic idea of love, whereby love in its sheer intensity is supposed to create an impeccable balance, a Pure Substance which can never die. Neither through the offspring nor through poetry, but only through truth, mutuality and absolutely pure harmony can love win over mortality thus.

marygronan | Student

In this poem the poet begins by saying that nothing in his world up to now could compare with the love he has found. When he compares his present state to past experiences they all seem just like childish pleasures.

In the second stanza he consolidates this state. He looks to a future which he expects to lead to perfect love where his lover and himself would be as one person living in their own lovely world.

In the third stanza this theme of oneness continues and moves on to where their perfect love is not only immortal but it makes them immortal too

subrataray | Student

John Donne's Songs and Sonnets vivify Donne as a poet of love . The poems  express a wide variety of emotions and attitudes, as if Donne himself were trying to define his experience of love through his poetry. To Donne love can be an experience of the body, the soul, or both; it can be a religious experience, or merely a sensual one, and it can give rise to emotions ranging from wooing a mistress to the physical union of ecstasy .

John Donne (1572-1631) reacted against the monotonous convention of the Elizabethan love poetry and established what has become known as the Metaphysical style in 17th century English love poetry .While the Elizabethan love poets were busy in dressing their mistresses with rare beauties of a goddess, and faltering them with magnificent praises, Donne in that case enjoys the lady love, experiences her love and tells his readers about the nature of that experience.

.Donne’s The Good morrow is out and a love-poem .Here the theme is on the experience of physical union and there by speculations and reflections of the ecstasy .The poet begins to advocate on the depth and intensity of the new passage of experience .Previously he could not know what love was. Now he has tasted it. As a lover, the poet with the help of a number of far-fetched images displays his realization of the experience.